Massage Therapy in Bend Oregon

Cloud 9 Healing Arts~  1252 N.W. Milwaukee Ave. Bend, Oregon 97701

Cloud 9 Healing Arts is a collective of Healers and Massage Therapists centrally located in the Heart of Bend’s Westside.For chronic pain and soft tissue imbalances, Massage can make a huge difference in the speed in which your body heals and repairs itself. Improving circulation , range of motion and energy flow is a key ingredient for feeling your best and enjoying your life more fully.

See the offerings from our Amazing Therapists below:

Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, Energy work, Craniosacral ,Chakra balancing, Cupping

Cloud 9 Healing Arts is located @ 1252 N.W. Milwaukee Ave. Bend , Oregon


                                                                Practitioners and Contact information


Doug Christman: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage  541-390-8636


Julian Deskin: Cupping, Swedish, dieep Tissue, Thai Massage  541-350-5765


MaryJane Eisenberg: Energy Medicine, Clearing,Balancing  415-5721741


Edie Stouvall: Reflexology, Chakra balancing  541-921-8436


Gina Montgomery: Craniosacral, Reflexology, Swedish massage  435-773-5535


Julie Southwell: Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage,Treatment work   541-350-9642


Cassandra Wheeler: Thai Massage, Swedish, Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy 541-390-8897